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Allen Bonck - March 25, 2009

Things To Come: Asshur 3

Dan 7:1-8 The four beasts of the end times. They all exist at the same time, but are given sequential dominion of the Middle East. The Lion - Great Britian The Bear - Russia The Leopard - The Nation of (Militant) Islam The 4th Beast - TBD Dan 7:9-10; Dan 7:11-14; Dan 7:15-23, An understanding of the 4th Beast, Dan 7:24-28. Rev 12:1-17; Rev 13:1- 2, The components of the 4th Beast; Rev 13:3-10; Rev 13:11-18; A breif address about the number 666. Rev 17:1-17, The harlot upon satan's kingdom. The rising new kingdom of Assyria by Asshur (Is 23:13). 2 Thes 2:1-17

From Series: "Prophecy"

What does the Bible say about current and end-time events? Bethel has titled these messages with the prefix: Things To Come.

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