Bethel W.O.W. ministries sponsor and promote:

W.O.W. Monthly Bible Teaching

Third Saturday of each month with either “treats” from 10-noon, or a potluck from 11-1

Bible Study Group – (Topics vary)

Daytime Group: First and Third Tuesday of the month from 10:30-12:30 (contact Delphy)

Evening Group: To be announced (contact Tami)


The Benevolence Ministry aids during emergency situations, including assistance to those in need of food, clothing, and shelter, while also providing meals during difficult illnesses, surgery, and after the arrival of new babies. (Contact Tami Stukes)


Bethel Threaders come together once a month, for 5 hours, to quilt, crochet, and knit. We are cultivating close friendships and bonding together in love while reaching out to Isreal by making hats, scarves, afghans, slippers, children’s sweaters, pot holders, dishcloths, etc. Our motto is: “Come when you can, leave when you must.” This is an active, vibrant group. These ladies all believe the words found in Colossians 2:2. (Contact Norma Mummert)

Red Rose

Our Red Rose Ministry is a ministry intended to touch the heart of a person hurting after a death, illness, hospital stay, or in difficult circumstances, by giving them a red rose, notes of encouragement and agreement in prayer. (Contact Kathy Sheridan)

Table Hosts

At the monthly Bible teaching the Table Hosts are women that take care of a table which includes gathering any handouts, occasionally providing a centerpiece and other hospitality needs. (Contact Tami Stukes)