Youth Ministry

In every classroom, every child will learn to “get“, “grow“, & “give” the Word of God!

We want the children to “get” the Word of God primarily through Sunday school, church time lessons, class activities, and life experiences.

We want the children to “grow” in the Word of God.  After receiving the Word of God through teachings and activities, children need to grow in it.  They need to be given practical application examples of the Word and shown how to obey His word in all circumstances. The primary ways to accomplish this is by encouraging children to read the Bible on their own daily, memorize Bible verses, give tithes, and develop the fruits of the spirit in their lives.

We want our children to “give“. Along with practically applying the Word of God to their own lives, we want to enable them to “give” the love of God and gospel message to others. Some of the primary ways to accomplish this is through visiting nursing homes, passing out fliers in the neighborhood, reciting memory verses in church, singing specials, and becoming ministers.

Our desire is to develop well-balanced believers where the ground is prepared for God to fulfill His divine purpose in each one of their lives.  We want them to be “doers of the word and not just hearers”.